Jaroslava Novakova

I first want to say that I didn´t know that the day I meet Leonid will change my whole approach to the difficulties of my son. Although his difficulties are not that severe, he has Special Educational Needs Statement and requires full time assistant in the school (currently 5 years old in the reception class). And this is exactly where Leonid, with his special bond with children, made me see that I can achieve what he has achieved with his son. I do struggle with the time as well and I spoke about it with Leonid during his follow up visits but on the other hand, is there any short cut to the problems of our children? Massage is our special time with Mishko, we try to talk, we laugh and sometimes struggle but we are very intensely together. I see direct benefits: his sleep improved almost immediately, he communicates better and I am getting reports of improved attention from the school. We are only at the beginning but I am going to continue… and besides, you want to meet Leonid, massage is only part of what he will give you. I would go to see his workshop, talk to him personally about your child and then take next steps; it is easy and fair approach.