I have done the son rise program, ABA, gluten/casine free diet, homeopath, Chinese herbs, bio care supplements, reflexology, cranial osteopathy. Etc over the years for my 17 year old son. Last Saturday I went to a Tui na demonstration session in London. Leonid treated my son today. He’d had a bad day at school and left something there. I was thinking this treatment is not going to go well. BUT it was like watching an angel at work. This total connection he gave to my son, gentle talking, love, understanding and compassion was beautiful to watch and the trust my son gave him in a matter of minutes, was literally mind blowing. This was witnessed my my husband and 2 therapist too. We were in totally wonderment. We are literally buzzing. He gave us clear easy to follow instruction to follow and use ourselves. So I would totally urge you to try this. The video clips really don’t show how wonderful Leonid and his therapy is. If you are pondering. Don’t ponder anymore. Go for it. My only regret is not having met him years ago. Leonid Sanja. Thank you both. From the very bottom off my heart. Xxx