Private One-to-One Training at Home

As from January 2016 Tui Na Centre will be offering private teaching to parents who are not able to attend our group courses or believe that private training is more suitable for their family dynamics.

The private training session takes place at your home and takes approximately 4 -5 hours.

This is in depth one to one training where main focus is on your child’s individual symptoms.

Our aim is to teach parents as thoroughly as possible so that on the completion of the training you will have the confidence, background knowledge and skills to treat/massage your child and achieve maximum benefits in reducing the symptoms.

At-home training may provide an opportunity for us to meet and assess your child and offer further advice on address his/her specific needs and issues.

Following the completion of the training parents will receive a course book and a video with the complete treatment plan for future reference.

This training is available throughout the UK.

If you would like to discuss whether this type of training would be suitable for you and your child please feel free contact us via email so we can arrange to contact you over the phone or Skype conversation.