Tui Na Centre One Day Group Course

Full One-Day Training Courses are open for all parents of children with special needs as well as Speech and Language therapists and other support workers. The aim of this course is to train attendees in practical skills to enable them to apply the massage themselves.

By attending a full one-day training course you will gain both an in-depth understanding of Tui Na massage as a unique therapy for children , as well as gain “hands on“ knowledge of this technique.

 Our one-day courses are structured as follows:

 Firstly you will be introduced to the principles of Tui Na massage and the theory behind it.

We will then move on to the practical part of the course, 36 steps of massage treatment. Techniques are demonstrated by Leonid in blocks of six steps. Following each such demonstration parents will practice those steps in pairs with each other, regularly swapping places so that both can take part and learn.

The main focus of the course is on practising these steps.

The course is intensive but delivered in a fun learning environment. A commitment by yourselves to learn, practice and apply the massage techniques at home will ensure a rewarding experience and help achieve a stronger bond between you and your child through simple touch. It is a skill which will stay with you for a life time and the benefits for your child, yourself and family life will be equal to the level of commitment by yourselves to learning and applying the techniques.

Massage not only benefits the person receiving the massage but can greatly improve your own stress and anxiety levels. Learning the appropriate techniques and applying the daily treatments yourself can become a convenient (you choose when and for how long the treatment), cost effective and beneficial therapy.

During the course we will also discuss common difficulties you might encounter during the first days of treatment at home. We will explain how to overcome these so your treatment can continue successfully and daily massage can take a special place in strengthening the bond that you have with your child even further.

To complete the treatment we will also have short individual discussions with each parent indicating which points will enhance their own child’s treatment further. Children with special needs are often either hyper-sensitive or hypo-sensitive to touch but some depending of the area of the body may be a combination of both. Hypo-sensitive children are generally under responsive to touch and the techniques should be performed with deeper touch and pressure than with children who are hyper-sensitive. The appropriate pressure will be discussed and demonstrated during the course in detail for each child.

Following the completion of the Tui Na course all attendees will receive a certificate, course book and a video with the complete treatment plan for future reference.

Thank you for your interest in our full day course.

These courses are run throughout the year in UK and abroad so please make sure to subscribe for future dates or contact us directly to discuss further.