James Daniel Evans

Superb course, taught by professionals, for parents. As the parents of a child on the autistic spectrum, my wife and I have spoken to a lot of “professionals” who appear to have a lack of both knowledge and understanding of children on the spectrum, and for the daily difficulties the parents face when trying to both calm and spend quality time with their children. This course has allowed us to have a routine, a dedicated 30 minutes a day with our son, with the same systemic approach, which he has responded to exceptionally well. We all love the routine, and our previously non-verbal son will now say things like “massage finished” at the correct time, in context (followed by a high five!). We have experienced a dramatic calming of our son (who has extreme sensory processing issues and is constantly on-the-go) and the increased eye-contact has been amazing. He loves to relax with his massage and has now started to stroke our cat while he has it done, which he’s never done before.

The course is “easy” in the sense it is so clearly explained. The hard part is being consistent in the routine, performing the massage as best you can when you’re being pushed away, or ran away from, or you are both tired or I’ll etc. Speaking with Leonid and Sanya has taught me personally a lot about how I should behave around my son and how best to create a calming environment. We would highly recommend looking in to Tui Na and checking the workshop to see if it will suit your situation.