J Wills

We have been using the autism massage program since the Autumn 2015 and can say that it has been very good for our family. Our son (12) likes the treatment. He looks forward to lying down and relaxing for 25 minutes (something he never ordinarily does).

It is hard to make a direct link between the massage and changes in his well-being, but since we have started the treatment, he has: settled in well to a new secondary school (and done much better than we imaged would be the case); he has learned to manage during the night without nappies (and we had tried and failed at this in the past); he has been more self-sufficient (getting himself ready for the school bus when it arrives in the morning for example); he seems to be eating a lot more (it is hard to keep up with his appetite and although he is still very small for his age, this is a great thing for us); he also sleeps better most of the time; and perhaps most importantly, he has been happy and full of love for the world almost all of the time.