Tracey Ballhouse

Leonid has been working with our son twice a week for 4 months. During this time we have noticed huge improvements including; reduced anxiety, improved focus, better bowel movements, regulated sleeping habits and far less stimming and tiptoe walking. One of the biggest improvements is his functional conversation. There is now clarity to his speech, he is more present and can attend to a conversation longer than before. We are so impressed with Tui Na as a form of treatment wechose to undertake private training with Leonid and Sanya in order to extend it into the home. This has created a wonderful bonding opportunity with our son whilst enjoying an activity he finds extremely soothing and relaxing.

Leonid’s vast knowledge Autism and its impact on the body is invaluable. He is very respectful, caring and understanding of our son and we continue to learn from him all the time. Our son loves getting his massages and always looks forward seeing Leonid.