At ‘Well Being Centre’, Unit 304a, Third Floor
The Chocolate Factory
Clarendon Road (off Coburg Road)
Wood Green
London N22 6XJ
During the 3 hour course we will teach parents the massage treatment and specific points on the HEAD which are of extreme importance as they lift the spirit, benefit the eyes, subdue hyperactivity and awaken, calm and open the mind, preparing children for learning.
Points on the head are located on the area also known as prefrontal cortex which is responsible for what’s called ‘working memory’. This is the ability to retain information about events that have just taken place, or bring to mind something from the past and use it to guide our future thoughts and actions.
The next part of the training will cover points around the EARS, explaining why children cover their ears, sensitivity to different noises, ways to overcome these difficulties as well as the specific treatment to reduce them.
Specific points on the HANDS and massage of the FINGERS also contribute to speech development. We will explain in detail not only the treatment but also the importance of finger pointing and advise parents on different techniques to avoid ‘hand pulling’, as we believe this can be detrimental in encouraging children’s speech.
To conclude the short course, we will explain and demonstrate Cranial Face Massage and there will also be the opportunity for you to practice this technique under our guidance. Cranial Face Massage works on the Trigeminal and Accessory Cranial Nerves which play an important role in support of speech development. Cranial face massage also increases facial muscle tone which improves expression, stimulates the middle ear structure which naturally regulates the volume of sounds we receive and regulates the ability of the eyes to focus on target.
The price of the course is £90 per person, (or £65 if you are a member of Treating Autism Charity).
If you would like to attend this course, please book your place through Eventbrite. A deposit of £15 is required upon booking and the remaining balance is to be paid in person, on the day of the course.
Places are strictly limited and if you are interested to book your place tickets can be purchased the link bellow:…
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